Please use the tabs below to choose the membership for which you are eligible.  If you have a longterm lease of 3+ years you may be able to apply for an Owner membership.  Please check with Island Cove’s current Strata Property Management Company.

  1. Choose either Tenant or Owner membership.
  2. Fill out required fields and any optional fields.
  3. Acknowledge that you have read the Terms and Conditions of Use.
  4. Check the “I am not a Robot” checkbox and follow the test, if any.
  5. Submit your registration.
  6. You will see a confirmation after submitting your registration.  If you do not, your registration did not work.  Refresh the page and try again after correcting the errors.
  7. Verify your email address with the Verification Email that was sent to the email address you provided.
  8. Access Granted!

Owner Registration

Owner Registration has some validation requirements.  Please answer the following questions in order to sign up as an Island Cove owner.  The answers are available from the last minutes of the council meeting.
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Tenant Registration

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